HIS Specialty Products
HIS Cable Reel Stand image

HIS Cable Reel Stand

Model HCRS05K-84x48BRK, Special

HIS 5,000 Lb. Cable Reel Stand with Disk Brake and Interchangeable Power Drive

Cable Reel (tare):

  • Diameter: 84"
  • Drum: 42"
  • Width: 48"
  • Inside Diameter (I.D.): 4"
  • Weight: 1,400 Lbs.


  • Maximum Allowable: 3,600 Lbs.
Optional 10,000 Lb., 15,000 Lb. and 20,000 Lb. Capacity

Shown with Optional Reel for Un-Reeling and Re-Reeling

*Maximum Reel Stand Capacity: 5,000 Lbs.

HIS Portable Power Drive for HCRS05K, Light-Duty

Model HB-PWRx5K

Portable interchangeable Power Drive quickly and easily attaches to and detaches from HIS 5K Cable Reel Stand

The HIS Portable Power Drive can be used on many different HCRS05K-84x48BRK units simply by plugging the drive into the back of the Reel Stand

  • Portable Rolling Stand
  • Safety Foot Switch
Electrical Power Requirement: 120V-15A
Recommended Minimum Watts: 3500W
his portable power drive image
his portable power drive image The HIS Portable Power Drive can easily be rolled from unit to unit, then simply slid from it's stand to attach to a HIS Cable Reel Stand

*Use proper eye bolt lifting procedure to transfer drive motor

his cable reel stand image The axle adapter on the HB-PWRx5K is fitted onto the HIS Cable Reel Stand axle

After use, the Power Drive can be dismounted from the Reel Stand to use on another unit or stored