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Load on Sheave Calculator

To calculate Load on Sheave enter Line Tension and corresponding Wrap Angle Multiplier (WAM) from WAM Table
Line Tension:
Wrap Angle Multiplier:
Dear Valued Customers,

After many years and multiple generations of serving the Electrical and Telecommunications markets with quality, well-designed Cable-Pulling and Handling Products, HIS BUSINESS MANUFACTURING COMPANY has closed.

We at HIS are honored & blessed to have served you, our valued customer. We have enjoyed and appreciated getting to know each customer and your specific needs.

You may continue to purchase these fine tools and equipment from Southwire. Please direct inquiries to Southwire Tools Customer Service at or 855-SWTOOLS (855-798-6657). And, be sure to ask your local distributor for updated information on Southwire Tools and Equipment.

Southwire is not responsible warranty repairs on any HIS products.

Questions or Repairs of HIS Products: You are welcome to send your inquiries to or call John Ireton at 619-985-9831. *Even though HIS is closed, we are pleased to continue to assist you. Proper use and maintenance of cable-pulling equipment is essential to safety and performance.

User’s Guides are still available on this website. User’s Guides are intended to be a “Quick-Guide” only. Not intended to be a comprehensive or thorough training program. Company and industry standards must be known and followed before considering the set-up, operation and removal of cable-pulling equipment. Feel free to call us with any questions or comments.

Always be extremely careful setting-up, operating and removing cable-pulling and handling equipment.
Only trained, experienced and authorized personnel should set-up, operate and remove cable-pulling equipment.
Cable Pulling and Handling Equipment can be very dangerous if set-up, operation and removal is not performed properly.

Questions or repairs of HIS Products include these products:
  • HIS Cable-Pullers & FO Assist Pullers
  • HIS Cable-Tray Rollers
  • HIS Cable-Reel Rollers & Cable-Reel Stands
  • HIS Running-Line Tensiometers
  • HIS Sheaves and Sheave Blocks (Hook Sheaves, Hook Blocks, Quadrant Blocks, Duct Rollers, Radius Duct Rollers, Rim Rollers, ETC)
HIS Tensiometer repairs and calibration can be performed at:, Phone 602-233-1335
2206 N. 23rd Ave
Phoenix, AZ. 85009
*Requires pre-authorization before sending Tensiometer.

Most sincerely
John Ireton, 619-985-9831, E or