HIS Running-Line Tensiometer is designed to monitor cable-pulling tension during the cable installation process

Quick and easy to set-up and operate

Provides continuous readout, printout and data-logging of Pulling Tension (Force), Time and Rope Selection

HIS Running-Line Tensiometer is offered in several different pulling-range capacities:
  1. Model HTNS01KEP-DW, Zero to 1,000 Lbs.
  2. Model HTNS10KEP-DW, Zero to 10,000 Lbs.(most popular)
  3. Model HTNS20KEP-DW, Zero to 20,000 Lbs
3 Modes of Data Display:
  • Digital Display of cable-pulling Tension
  • Numeric Printout of cable-pulling tension & Time & Rope Selection
  • Data-Logging to USB Thumbdrive
HIS HTNS10KEPDW image (Model HTNS10KEP-DW 10,000 lb. capacity shown)
HIS HTNS10KEPDW display unit image HIS HTNS10KEPDW data logger image HIS Tensiometer
provides continuous digital display readout, numeric printout, and data-logging to USB thumbdrive of pulling tension (force) time and rope selection

HIS Running-Line Tensiometer is made from highest grade alloys of aluminum & steel

The ‘Rope-Sheaves’ will accept Wire-Rope (Steel Winchline) or synthetic rope

Each unit is equipped with Multiple Rope Memory and can be factory set for up to 8 different types and diameters of cable pulling rope

Multiple Rope Memory Settings Example:
  • Setting #1) 7/16” Dia Wire Rope
  • Setting #2) ½” Dia Wire Rope
  • Setting #3) ¾” Dia Double Braid Polyester
  • Setting #4) 7/8” Dia Double Braid Polyester
  • Setting #5) 1” Dia Double Braid Polyester
  • Setting #6) ¾” Dia Double Braid Composite
  • Setting #7) 7/8” Dia Double Braid Composite
  • Setting #8) 1” Dia Double Braid Composite
*Example shows 8 settings - recommended only 3 or 4
HIS HTNS10KEPDW load sensor image The Load-Sensor attaches to cable-pulling line

It pairs wirelessly to the Scale which is enclosed in a weather-tight yellow case

The Load-Sensor cable be tether-mounted or attached to the HIS Puller or custom made support-arms can be made
Dimensions are approximately L9” x W4” x H6”. Weathertight case is approx. L18” x W12” x H7”.

(Dimensions above are for HTNS01KEP-DW & HTNS10KEP-DW)

The Scale requires 110V-5A electrical power. Customer should provide a quality surge protection device and dedicated electrical power without interruptions

Rental Tensiometers are also available if needed for a short-term only. Please call or write today for more details.